Episode Seven: Daemonic French Squig-Monkeys | Unofficial Rosters

Due to yet more illness, we are Mattless today, and the schedule has been shunted back another week. But don’t fret! Instead of tackling one roster, we’re dissecting four this week to make up for it. The catch? Well, they ain’t exactly what you’d call official…

So, let us regale you with our unquestionable wisdom on the big three unofficial rosters, plus another one for funsies. We’ll look first at the foppish nobles of the Bretonnian team, followed by the monkey business that are the Simyan team. Thirdly we take an angry examination of the Khorne roster, before finishing with a little nosey at the double-unofficial Squig team.

Get ready for some weirdness, because these are some particularly peculiar rosters…

What could go wrong?

ABAO Episode 7: Daemonic French Squig-Monkeys | Unofficial Rosters

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Bretonnian Roster


Simyan Roster



Khorne Roster


Squig Roster




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