Episode Ten: De-ogre-rant


Ogres! What’s not to love! Up to six Strength 5 Mighty Blow players! Players that dodge everywhere on a 2+ with a reroll!

…there’s just the small matter of everyone either being Strength 1 or having Bonehead. And no one having access to General skills. And the list goes on and on… Join us as we get stuck into the Ogre team this week!

We also talk about Stand Firm and Side Step, and we’ll be comparing the various Negatraits that Big Guys tend to have. We also chat about Big Bertha, Brick’Farth and Grotty, and the man himself: Morg’n’Thorg!

Apart from that, we’ll be discussing the hot-of-the-press news about the new Blood Bowl stuff spotted at the Open Day at Warhammer World. There may even be a little mention of the NAF presidency election too.

To end it all, to celebrate our 10th episode, we have a brand-new game of our own that we’ll be playing live on air: BloodBlusters!

What could go wrong?

ABAO Episode 10: De-Ogre-Rant

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