Episode Eleven: Witch Perfect



Of all the myriad selection of Elves in Blood Bowl, Dark Elves are most certainly the Darkest. And the spikiest. And the nakedest!

This week we’re diving into everything emo as we take a look at the Dark Elf roster. We’ll pull apart their positionals one by one for your aural pleasure. Or something.

We’ll also examine the star players Horkon Heartripper,  Ithaca Benoin, and Hubris Rakarth. (I know we say we’re not going to look at Ithaca, but we do really)

The skills we’re ogling at this week are Jump Up, Dump-Off, Shadowing (yesss!), and Stab.

And, you lucky lucky people, there’s another episode of BloodBlusters played live at the end, this time pitting Trumpkin versus Hung in a battle of enormous intellect! Well, enormous something anyway. Probably stupidity. Yeah, most definitely stupidity.

What could go wrong?

ABAO Episode 11: Witch Perfect

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