Podbowl round up, Week One

The Podbowl is well underway, with coaches from all over the world coming together to compete to see who the greatest Blood Bowl podcast is!

And my-oh-my have there been some matches so far, yes indeedy…

Over the pond in the USA we have the Three Die Blockheads absolutely taking it to town, with 3DB‘s Chance undeniably taking the lead. Two brutal games under their belt, they sure are boasting some impressive stats. Killowog from Both Down and his Ginnungagap Guardians were the first victims, with the Blockheads trouncing them 4-0 in TDs and 4/1/0 to 1/0/0 in Casualties. Ouch! Don’t feel bad, Kilowog, the Foul Peak Violaters, Skulls and One‘s Gobdomino’s Underworld team took a fairly rough spanking too, going 3-1 TDs and 3/0/0-0/0/0 in Casualties. Oof! Can anyone stop the undead menance?

More locally, several Podbowl Europe matches have been played as well. Bristol Bedlam Boys, coached by ABAO‘s Merrick bullied Glowworm’s Norse until it wasn’t even funny anymore. Despite that, they ended it 1-1 in TDs and 3/1/1 – 2/1/0 in cas. A -AV Ulf is going to hurt the Ice Cannons, oh yes indeed!

Raveen, of Percy’s Trollcast, showed ABAO’s HungDonkeyman just how serious Percy can get when he’s in the mood, with Percy’s Arty All Stars mopping the floor with them and waltzing a 3-0 win (against Goaty McGoatface (rumoured to be currently ahead in the Greatest Pun award).

Lastly, Double Skulls‘ CarterCaine took his untested Skaven Rolands Lads versus Trumpkin and his beardy Elven Quality Over Quantity. The highest scoring game of the round so far, with a mighty 6 touchdowns being scored, Trumpkin sneaked ahead with a 4-2 win. You can actually watch this one as it happened on Youtube!

What’s going to happen in the next few rounds? Stick around to find out…



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