Podbowl Roundup: Episode 2

With the Podbowl been active for a few weeks now, plenty of games have been played. Let’s take a look at how things are going…

Well, in Europe Percy’s All Stars have been dominating the tables, with an undefeated record. They’ve defeated CarterCaine and two members of the ABAO podcast. With their next match set against ABAO’s founding control freak Trumpkin, currently second in the table, Percy and his lads are going to have a heck of a fight.

In an inter-podcast clash, Trumpkin drew against Hung’s Goaty McGoatface, snatching that elusive perfect record. Merrick’s Bristol Bedlam Boyz have been giving a very respectable 0/2/1, considering the competitive nature of the league.

Both Glowworm’s Norse and J-Bone’s Slann are going with a 0/1/1. Plenty of time yet though boys. J-Bone has been heard to be muttering about Slann in the corridors, wondering who in their right mind would ever take them.

Nightwing’s Scruffy Nerfherders also trounced poor CarterCaines Roland’s Rats, who aren’t having the best season. When interviewed, coach CC said “Wait, these aren’t short, furry Dwarves?”

Over the pond in the USA we have a skyrocketing challenge from Pitch Invasion’s Kikurasis’ Lovely Lustrian Ladies. This Amazon team has come out of nowhere and blown Chance right out the water. If the Three Die Blockheads can win their next game, that’ll be two teams on 4/0/0…

In third place at time of writing is Both Down’s Scott Prime and his Broca Beach Vipers. A healthy spread of skills and wins amongst the tourney is certainly going to make the upcoming games much more brutal and tense… Stay tuned for more!



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