The Elflympic Games

Come one, come all! It’s the inaugural, the inceptive, the very first Elflympic Games!

The Elflympic Games is a four game tournament held in Yate, about 11 miles north of Bristol.

Find the full rulespack attached, as well as a custom excel roster that will allow you to make teams according to the ruleset (look at post below).

Here’s a quick summary though:

1,350TV, skills are bought from the same budget. Most skills are costed at normal TV rate with some exceptions. All teams are allowed, not just elves! 14/6/1 for W/D/L, with bonus points available for TDs, Interceptions and Completions.

Skills =/= stats. No stat ups chaps (and chapettes).

All inducements barring Mercs are allowed. If the same Star is taken by two coaches in one match, they will not play in that game. A joint weather roll is made at the start of the round which everyone will share.

You need 11 rostered players before Stars. (thanks glow!)

Cost: £10.
Paypal (friends and family) to alex_turner4 AT


9am – Registration opens
9.30 – Game One
11.45 – Game Two
13.45 – Lunch
14.15 – Game Three
16.30 – Game Four
18.45 – Awards and Close

NAF approved.

Yate Parish Hall,
Station Road,
South Gloucestershire,
BS37 4PQ

The Elflympic Games Rulespack

The Elflympic Games custom roster maker

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