Anything But A One: One Year Old Today

It’s been exactly a year today that us weirdos at Anything But A One Podcast broadcast our first episode. Since then we’ve published twenty five separate episodes which played back to back lasts over two solid days, for which we can only apologise. We’ve had guest appearences from the NAF head honcho, other Podcasters, we’ve played numerous rounds of Bloodblusters. We’ve had special dice made, special trophies created for Tournaments, FUMBBL tournaments commissioned.

But most of all, we’ve had an amazing time doing our little bit to get involved in the Blood Bowl community. So, thank you to all of our listeners, especially those that write in to let us know when we get things wrong. Thank you to my fellow (read: rival) Podcasts out there for welcoming us into their dark and murky world, and thank you to everyone out there for giving us the oppurtunity to hopefully provide a bit of off-the-wall Blood Bowl themed entertainment for these last three-hundred-and-sixty-five days.

As a special thank you, we’ve spent the day filming (as in with a video camera, not just olde timey audio doohickies) ourselves playing a full game of Dungeon Bowl. I’m in the process of editing it now, and it’ll be uploaded and shared with everyone as soon as it’s ready. As a little teaser here are the teams that Nightwing, Merrick and I each used.

Here’s to another year, and another, and another!
-The Anything But A One Podcast Team



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