Episode Twenty-Eight: Entirely Rational Discussions About Death Zone


Blood Bowl 2 Streamer and Special Guest FullMetalCOS joins us in the pit today as we delve into the world of Blood Bowl 2 and Reddit!

Also, now that we have phyiscal versions of the box set and Deathzone supplements, we can take a much more in-depth look at what’s new. We, er, discuss some of the changes, rewordings etc. Rest assured we’re all very calm, objective and neutral about the whole thing.

We also take a final pre-look at the Elflympics, which kicks-off this Saturday.

Then to top it all off there’s a Bloodblusters sesh run by Knightly.

What could go wrong?

Episode Twenty-Eight: Entirely Rational Discussions About Death Zone

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ps… you can find all of Metal’s various media thingermabobs here:

REBBL: https://www.reddit.com/r/RELGman/

Twitch: www.twitch.tv/fullmetalcos

Chuyoob: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeZFDPVHYXLj6E2K4CkkXEg


Episode Twenty-Seven: Can’t Blurgle The Nurgle

This week we’re embracing our inner scunge and discussing the Nurgle’s Rotters team, so get your hot lemon and hankies, it’s time to get plaguey!

We’re also talking Nurgle-centric skills, so Tentacles, Foul Appearance, Disturbing Presence and Nurgle’s Rot. There’s time for some Lewdgrip Whiparm love, and we even squeeze Bilerot Vomitflesh in there.

We take another look at the box set, now we’ve seen it in person, and, ahem, rationally discuss the Weeping Blades rule. Lastly, we round up with a game of Bloodblusters, this time hosted by Nazgob.

What could go wrong?

Episode Twenty-Seven: Can’t Blurgle The Nurgle

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Episode Twenty-Six: Revitalisationing

Listen as the podcast enters whole new hitherto untold depths of, er, something, as two new cast members join the team! Welcome Knightly and Nazgob!

We’re talking mostly about Exebowl III this time. We’re also going into our detailed opinions of the new Blood Bowl boxset that’s apparently coming out or something?

We also for some reason talk about Sharpe, Tesco and Ciaphus Cain, Hero of the Imperium. Ah, and Bloodblusters!

What could go wrong?

ABAO Episode 26: Revitalisationing

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