Episode Twenty-Seven: Can’t Blurgle The Nurgle

This week we’re embracing our inner scunge and discussing the Nurgle’s Rotters team, so get your hot lemon and hankies, it’s time to get plaguey!

We’re also talking Nurgle-centric skills, so Tentacles, Foul Appearance, Disturbing Presence and Nurgle’s Rot. There’s time for some Lewdgrip Whiparm love, and we even squeeze Bilerot Vomitflesh in there.

We take another look at the box set, now we’ve seen it in person, and, ahem, rationally discuss the Weeping Blades rule. Lastly, we round up with a game of Bloodblusters, this time hosted by Nazgob.

What could go wrong?

Episode Twenty-Seven: Can’t Blurgle The Nurgle

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