Episode Thirty-One: Slanntastic Mr Krox

Oh Slann, you underrated team of freaks, you. Who cares for tiers or optimisation when you can simply bounce around, having fun?

Who needs Blitzers with Block or Catchers with Catch? Or, well, any of the staple skills required to make a team competitive? Not Slann!

We’ll also take a look at Scrumpy Scramble this week, and how it all went, how we did and all that. Then it’s a brief overview of the Bubba League, Bristol’s new tabletop league wiv a proppur wibsight an’ everyfink (bubbaleague.co.uk, if you were wondering!)

Oh, they might just be time for Bloodblusters too, hosted by the Anne Robinson of Blood Bowl, Nazgob…

What could go wrong?

ABAO Episode Thirty-One: Slanntastic Mr Krox

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