Episode Forty: Professional Trade Union


Twelfman can finally, finally go off the rails on a bit of Elven Union Pro Elf action. And not only that, but he and Nightwing get to be all mushy over Eldril Sidewinder. Swoon. Oh, also Dolfar Longstride and the skills Nerves of Steel, Kick, and Pass Block.

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And we are joined in our Twelf-run Bloodblusters by Special Guest and All-Around-Lovely-Chap, Jo Fro, of MML fame.

What could go wrong?

Episode Forty: Professional Trade Union

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Episode Thirty-Nine: Great Gert, Gurt Gert, Red Gert, Blue Gert

Gert happened, and that was it.

Oh yeah, Twelfman was running it. And everyone else went, so we should probably talk about it. What was that? Janky, broken bears? You must be mistaken.

We’re also talking various other tournaments in the South West.

And Nazgob hosts Bloodblusters this time! sigh

What could go wrong?

Episode Thirty-Nine: Great Gert, Gurt Gert, Red Gert, Blue Gert

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