Episode Forty-Three: Orcs – On Cloud AV9

Orcs! They’re big, they’re green, they’re here to get in the way. Nothing says green eggs and beef like orcs.

Why have pathetic, piddly, barely-even-there armour when you can slap AV9 on almost every piece and laugh as your opponent fails to break it even once in an entire game? Why not play a team that can literally field a whole roster with no linemen?

Also, Varag gets fawned over this episode. Delicious, delicious Varag.

Lastly, it’s Bloodblusters, run by Nazgob, so lube up, it’s going to be a dry one.

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What could go wrong?

Episode Forty-Three: Orcs – On Cloud AV9

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Episode Forty-Two: The NAF, The Universe and Everything

Slight deviation from the natural order this episode. Instead of covering ‘tactics’ and rumours etc, we have instead decided to dedicate an episode to a discussion of the NAF, what it does, and what it doesn’t do. The reason for this is there have been some heated discussions online of late, and we thought bringing some people around the table to have a conversation about the NAF can only be for the good of the community.

We’re joined by two super special guests this week – Mike Davies, El Presidente Extremo of the NAF, and by fellow podcaster-in-arms and frog fetish enabler, J_Bone.

Have a listen if this is the sort of thing you find interesting, or if, you know, you have nothing better to do I guess?

What could go wrong?

Episode Forty-Two: The NAF, The Universe and Everything

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