Episode Fifty-Nine: NAFC Riff Raff C

NAFC! This is what I’m talking about. We also discuss, oh, erm, what was it. Halfings? I think? It’s been like two whole weeks. I don’t know things like this. I’m only one man.

Anyway, we also do some of them thar questions from over the pond, submitted by Kilowogg from Bothdown, the ‘number one blood bowl podcast’. I mean, not every podcast feels the need to justify itself. Some let the content speak for itself. Just sayin’.

Go find them on http://bothdown.com/

00:00 – Intro

29:00 – NAFC

1:34:00 – Bloodblusters

2:18:00 – Super Secret Extras

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What could go wrong?

Episode Fifty-Nine: NAFC Riff Raff C

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