Episode Seventy: Insane in the Membr-Cain


We decide talking about Blood Bowl is so passé for a Blood Bowl podcast so instead decide to talk about Ciaphus Cain, an overwhelmingly superior use of time than listening to us. But, well, you’re stuck here now aren’t you? So, what are you going to do about it? Huh? Well?

Next “week’s” bookclub topic is ‘Descent of Angels’, widely considered to be one of the shittest 40k books ever written, which is saying something. We invite you cordially to join us!

00:00:00 – Book Club: Ciaphus Cain

00:59:00 – Tournament Discussion from Naz about him being some horrible dwarfs at an online NAF tourney

01:12:25 – Secret League Discussions


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What could go wrong?

Episode Seventy: Insane in the Membr-Cain

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