Top of the Blocks – Charity album release now!

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A number of like minded people decided to use the quarantine time to have a laugh and create some music themed around this great game of ours: Blood Bowl.

Shortly after that, one song became multiple songs, which became an album. And we thought, if we’re going to do this, lets do it properly and raise some money for a good cause while we’re here. And so, Blocker and the Linemen was formed.

The Trussell Trust is a food bank charity. I chose this charity because it is difficult for everyone at the moment, but it is even more difficult for those that rely on these services to live.

So! Buy the album, have some fun, and let’s spread a little bit of good.



This project is the culmination of months of collaboration between all manner of people around the community and beyond.

I’d like to give some thank-yous.

Firstly, thank you to Bron for always being there to help when I had a mad idea or needed someone to sense check a piece I’d recorded. And thank you for all the contributions you’ve made. I still think Bertha Bigfist is the best song on the album.

Thank you to the guys over at the Two Drunk Flings podcast for creating this idea in the first place. You guys rock.

Thank you to Ed, Keith and Thor for singing a couple of songs on the album. Thanks to Frank for providing a wealth of hilarious lyrics. You guys rock as well.

Thanks to everyone I badgered to give me audio files for the Drinking Song. And double thanks to everyone who gave me one!

Thanks to Mark for the fantastic painting of the Halfling for the cover, and thanks to Duncan for taking my crummy cover and making it amazing.

Thanks to my wife Anna for putting up with me playing the same songs over… and over… and over…

And lastly: thanks to you for reading this and buying a copy. You rock most of all.

Episode Seventy-Two: Malus in Plunderland


This week we’re discussing The Daemon’s Curse, the first book in the Malus Darkblade series by Dan Abnett.

We’re also taking another retrospective look at Blood Bowl 4th edition, so grab onto your pants, it’s insane!

Also, next week we’re discussing Trollslayer, the first book in the Gotrek and Felix series.

Lastly, the Blood Bowl charity album I keep harping on about has a release date! 31st of July. Listen to until the end of this episode for a sneak preview…

00:00:00 – Book Club: The Daemon’s Curse by Dan Abnett

Some Time Later – 4th Edition

End – End

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Episode Seventy-Two: Malus in Plunderland

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