Episode Seventy-Two: Malus in Plunderland


This week we’re discussing The Daemon’s Curse, the first book in the Malus Darkblade series by Dan Abnett.

We’re also taking another retrospective look at Blood Bowl 4th edition, so grab onto your pants, it’s insane!

Also, next week we’re discussing Trollslayer, the first book in the Gotrek and Felix series.

Lastly, the Blood Bowl charity album I keep harping on about has a release date! 31st of July. Listen to until the end of this episode for a sneak preview…

00:00:00 – Book Club: The Daemon’s Curse by Dan Abnett

Some Time Later – 4th Edition

End – End

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What could go wrong?

Episode Seventy-Two: Malus in Plunderland

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