Episode Seventy-Five: BB2020 Box Set/Trollslayer


Tonight, we talk about the new box set that’s been announced. We also talk Trollslayer, Eurobowl, Secret League a tiny, tiny Bloodblusters at the end, with questions submitted by Iktarus.

Next book for book club is: Know No Fear by Dan Abnett 

00:00:00 – Introduction/Blood Bowl Boxset
00:32:08 – Eurobowl and Secret League
01:00:38 – Trollslayer by William King
01:36:46 – Bloodblusters
02:20:21 – End

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What could go wrong?

Episode Seventy-Five: BB2020 Box Set/Trollslayer

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One thought on “Episode Seventy-Five: BB2020 Box Set/Trollslayer

  1. Hey guys,

    I really like your coverage of BB2020. I am looking forward to more episodes regarding Second Season, the rules, etc.

    Star Players is a really good topic and how they affect things in Tournaments , very interested in your opinions. I don’t like that many teams can hire Hakflem and Griff now, seems a bit unbalanced. I also don’t like that Mighty Blow +2 exists and both Star Players with it got cheaper.

    I wonder how the designers decided how much a player should cost in the new rules. Why do Human Blitzers cost 85k, Skaven Blitzers 90k and Imperial Nobility Blitzers 105k?



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