Two Years Old Today.

Two years today we started Anything But A One Podcast. Forty episodes, over eighty hours of footage. It’s been amazing so far, but we ain’t done yet!!

I just wanted to say thank you to all the amazing listeners out there that have helped us get to our second year of podcasting.

Hearty back-slaps to Nightwing, Merrick, Nazgob, Knightly and Hung for sticking with me for so long, and for being there when I first said all that time ago “Anyone fancy doing a podcast then?”



Episode Forty: Professional Trade Union


Twelfman can finally, finally go off the rails on a bit of Elven Union Pro Elf action. And not only that, but he and Nightwing get to be all mushy over Eldril Sidewinder. Swoon. Oh, also Dolfar Longstride and the skills Nerves of Steel, Kick, and Pass Block.

We’re also proud to announce we’ve launched some money making schemes! Help us get better microphones by either buying a shirt or supporting us on Patreon.

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And we are joined in our Twelf-run Bloodblusters by Special Guest and All-Around-Lovely-Chap, Jo Fro, of MML fame.

What could go wrong?

Episode Forty: Professional Trade Union

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Episode Thirty-Nine: Great Gert, Gurt Gert, Red Gert, Blue Gert

Gert happened, and that was it.

Oh yeah, Twelfman was running it. And everyone else went, so we should probably talk about it. What was that? Janky, broken bears? You must be mistaken.

We’re also talking various other tournaments in the South West.

And Nazgob hosts Bloodblusters this time! sigh

What could go wrong?

Episode Thirty-Nine: Great Gert, Gurt Gert, Red Gert, Blue Gert

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Episode Thirty-Eight: Thrud-u-like

Trumpets blare and choirs of angels sing! We’ve returned after our unplanned summer holiday to slap some moist wet podcast right in your pie hole.

Last week most of us went to the ever fantastic Thrudball, and this episode focusses mainly on that, and our subsequent stunty adventures. Of course, there’re some other tangential discussions, as normal, because it wouldn’t be an episode of Anything But A One if we stayed on topic!

And Merrick hosts Bloodblusters..!

What could go wrong?

Episode Thirty-Eight: Thrud-u-like

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Episode Thirty-Seven: More Entirely Rational Discussions About Deathzone II


Deathzone: Season Two. More stuff to love, more stuff to hate, more stuff to ‘meh’. In this episode we deal specifically with the non-optional rules, so Star Players and new inducements. Keep an ear out for future episodes where we talk about other bits and bobs.

We also talk about Foul Bowl wot just happened.

And of course… Bloodblusters, and this time Nightwing’s hosting, so get out your 1980s outfits and hairdos, because we’re getting retro.

What could go wrong?

ABAO Episode Thirty-Seven: More Entirely Rational Discussions About Deathzone II

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Episode Thirty-Six: That Sucks Thralls

Vampires! As strong as a Black Orc, as nimble as a Gutter Runner, as robust as a zombie, with the skill access of the Holy Slann Blitzer. What downside could be so enormous that they’re considered tier three at best?

Also, half of us went to Auld World Masters, and a different half of us went to Cake Bowl, so we chatter about that for a while. And does Nazgob have an iron-clad justification for powergaming up the wazoo?

Obviously we end up with Bloodblusters, too, hosted once again by the Jeremy Paxman of Blood Bowl Trivia: Nazgob.

What could go wrong?

ABAO Episode Thirty-Six: That Sucks Thralls

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Episode Thirty-Five: Rats


We’re joined by two super duper special guests today: Orca Cola’s RK, and the NAF’s Hawca. We talk Orca Cola and NAFC with these lovely chappies.

Then it’s the Skaven roster discussion time, where we examine the strengths and weaknesses (not that there are many) of the Skaven team.

Lastly, it’s Bloodblusters!

What could go wrong?

PS: Link to the Orca-Cola league here!

ABAO Episode Thirty-Five: Rats

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