Bloodblusters (also called The Weakest Skink, Orc the Week, Universnotling Challenge, or Whose Lineman is it Anyway?) is the hit Blood Bowl quiz for those egg heads among you! Brain melting questions, excruciating difficulty, buzzers! What more could you want?

Such esoteric questions in the past have driven men to tears and women to madness. The sheer difficulty is enough to make veterans of the world’s horrors break down and moan.

Have YOU got what it takes to be the Blusteriest? Or are you just another Rogan?

All questions so far!

ABAO Episode 10: De-Ogre-Rant : It’s the first ever episode of Bloodblusters! Trumpkin takes the wheel for the primary sojourn into the world of Blood Bowl trivia.


  1. Is it possible, without the use of Stunty or Leap, to dodge into a standard cage on a 2+? If so, how?
  2. Who is the most expensive Movement 4 piece in the game?
  3. Who is the cheapest Star Player?
  4. Who is the cheapest Strength 4 Star Player?
  5. How many Star Players have Agility 1?


  1. Yes. Either with Strength 6, Two Heads and Break Tackle, or an Agility 6 piece with Two Heads. – No one got it!
  2. Ripper. – Nightwing
  3. Boomer Eziasson, Bomber Dribblesnot, Barik Farblast. – Nightwing
  4. Zzharg Madeye – No one got this!
  5. Five. Deeproot Strongbranch, Ramtut III, Ripper, Icepelt Hammerblow, Slibli. – No one got this! (it’s a pilot test anyway, so no one wins).


ABAO Episode 11: Witch Perfect : Nightwing’s turn to host! Can the second week live up to the inaugural episode?


  1. How many Movement 9 Star Players are there?
  2. Morg is the most expensive Star Player. Who is the second most expensive Star Player?
  3. Of the 24, how many teams can have Agility 1 players on their starting rosters?
  4. If you were to concede a game, apart from losing your winnings, MVP award and fan factor, what else could happen?
  5. What is 55/56 on the Casualty table?
  6. How much does the Chaos Dwarf Star Player Rashnak Backstabber cost?


  1. Skitter Stab-Stab, Hakflem Shuttlespike – Trumpkin
  2. Count Luthor von Drakenborg (390k) – No one got it!
  3. Thirteen. (Wood Elves, Halflings, Goblins, Orcs, Chaos Pact, Underwold, Norse, Khemri, Undead, Lizardmen, Slann, Nurgle and Dwarf.) Hung was closest.
  4. Players with 51+ SPPs may leave the team. – HungDonkeyman
  5. -AV. Serious Concussion/Fractured Skull. – Trumpkin
  6. 200k on the nose. –  Hung – Winner!


ABAO Episode 12: A Serious Skinking Problem : Hosted this week by HungDonkeyman.


Who am I?

  1. I have Sidestep. I have Regeneration. I have…
  2. I have Block. I have Thick Skull. I am Strength 6…
  3. I have Dodge. I have Right Stuff. I have a Secret Weapon. I am Accurate….
  4. I have Frenzy…
  5. I have Pass…
  6. I have Sprint. I have Sure Feet…
  7. I have Prehensile Tail. I have Frenzy…
  8. I have Dodge. I have Thick Skull…

Bonus question!

  • I have Mighty Blow. I have Thick Skull. I have Break Tackle. I have Juggernaut. I have Strip Ball. I am Movement 6. I have Strength 5. I am Armour 9. I cost 400k.


  1. Sinnedbad – Nightwing
  2. Morg’n’Thorg – Merrick
  3. Bomber Dribblesnot – Trumpkin
  4. Grim Ironjaw – Trumpkin
  5. Lewdgrip Whiparm – Trumpkin
  6. Hthark the Unstoppable- Nightwing
  7. Headsplitter – Trumpkin
  8. Bertha Bigfist – Trumpkin – Winner!

Bonus Answer!

  • Borg ‘Freight train‘ Gorthag – No one got it!


ABAO Episode 13: Powlen Gwaed Cymraeg : Merrick hosted it this time, for our sins.


Who is the most valuable player with the following stats?

  1. Strength 4
  2. Armour 9
  3. Agility 1
  4. Movement 4
  5. Movement 8
  6. Agility 3
  7. Strength 2
  8. Movement 9
  9. Armour 8
  10. Agility 2
  11. Who is the cheapest agility 4 piece?
  12. Who is the cheapest armour 9 piece?


  1. Griff Oberwald – Trumpkin
  2. Count Luthor – Trumpkin
  3. Ramtut III – Nightwing answered Icepelt Hammerblow, was closest
  4.  Ripper – Trumpkin answered Mighty Zug, was closest
  5. Jordell Freshbreeze. Nightwing answered Roxanna, was closest.
  6. Morg’n’Thorg – Trumpkin
  7. Quetzal Leap – Trumpkin
  8. Hakflem Shuttlespike – Trumpkin
  9. Headsplitter – Nightwing was closest with Icepelt
  10. Hthark the Unstoppable – Nightwing was closest with Setekh
  11. Pro Elf lineman – Nightwing
  12. Orc lineman. – Nightwing was closest with Chaos Dwarf Blocker.

ABAO Episode 14: Where(wolf) Ever You May Go: Hosted by Trumpkin. Uh oh.


  1. Including Spaces, who has the longest name in Blood Bowl?
  2. For extra points, how long is his name?
  3. Who has a longer name: Lord Borak the Despoiler or Hthark the Unstoppable?
  4. True or False: Every female piece in the game has the Dodge skill.
  5. Who is the exception to the rule?
  6. What is the worst possible roll needed for a catch, including all possible negatives?
  7. Who is the priciest player that doesn’t have any skills?
  8. What is the shortest player or positional name?
  9. Who is the star player with the shortest name?
  10. How many teams is the skill Dauntless useless against when given to a Strength 3 piece?
  11. How many players, if any, are MV8 and AV8?
  12. Who is, in terms of pure stats vs cost, the WORST value-for-money piece in the game?


  1. Count Luthor von Drakenborg – Merrick
  2. 27 – No one got it!
  3. Lord Borak – Merrick
  4. False. – No one got it!
  5. Willow Rosebark – No one got it!
  6. 26+. Agility 1 in eight tackle zones, 11 Disturbing Presences, in the Rain. -21 penalty. – No one got it!
  7. Chaos Warrior (100k). -No one got it!
  8. Ogre. – Merrick
  9.  Slibli (Grotty or Ripper are also correct) – HungDonkeyman
  10. Four. High Elves, Dark Elves, Pro Elves and Amazons. – Merrick and Matt each get half a point. (Dave gets a quarter point)
  11. Three. Necromantic Werewolves, Wilhelm Chaney, and Lottabottl. – No one got it!
  12. A Minotaur. Closest was Merrick with High Elf Blitzer. – Winner!

CSWTC SEpisode 3: Bubbaloody Bubbarilliant: Hosted by Nightwing, the questions are below…

“Although Alex messaged me earlier, I was doing this, oooh, about five minutes before recording?”


  1. How many Agility 5 Star Players are there?
  2. How many Strength 2 Star Players are there?
  3. How many skills would a player with 76 Star Player Points have?
  4. What deck does the ‘Razzle Dazzle’ card come from?
  5. An agility 3 player with Extra Arms and Diving Catch tries to catch an inaccurate pass in two tackle zones. What roll is needed?
  6. How much do rerolls cost for a Chaos team?
  7. What deck would you find the Knuckledusters card in?
  8. What does the Knuckledusters card do?


  1. Two: Jordell Freshbreeze and Roxanna Darknail. – Trumpkin
  2. Eight: Bomber Dribblesnot, Grotty, Hemlock,  Humerus Carpal, Nobbla Blackwart, Quetzal Leap, Scrappa Sorehead and Skitter Stab-Stab. – Merrick
  3. Five. – Trumpkin
  4. Good Karma – No one got it right!
  5. 5+ – Merrick
  6.  60k. – TrumpkinHungDonkeyman
  7. Random Events – No one got it right!
  8. You can change all the dice from a single block to Pow results – Trumpkin – Winner!


Episode 16, Woodie Two-Shoes: A special Anagram round, hosted by HungDonkeyman. The questions were as below.

Round One:

  1. Seen Leftovers
  2. Fight Turf
  3. Nurse Dash
  4. Sunset Lad
  5. Rats Pill
  6. Giant Keys
  7. Hot Wetter Mama
  8. Honda Wigs
  9. Hee No Bad

Round Two:

  1. Zit Gym Hug
  2. Foulest Hung On
  3. Warlike Owls Rob
  4. I Hurt Shark Bra
  5. Rare Sleazy Hat
  6. Nimblest Border Bob


Round One:

  1. Nerves of Steel – Nightwing
  2. Right Stuff – Merrick
  3. Sure Hands – Merrick
  4. Dauntless – Merrick
  5. Strip Ball – Trumpkin
  6. Sneaky Git – Nightwing
  7. Throw Teammate – Merrick
  8. Shadowing – Trumpkin Nightwing
  9. Bonehead – Trumpkin

Round Two:

  1. Mighty Zug – Nightwing
  2. Fungus the Loon – Nightwing
  3. Willow Rosebark – Trumpkin
  4. Hubris Rakarth – Trumpkin
  5. Zara The Slayer – Merrick
  6. Bomber Dribblesnot – Nightwing – Winner!

This week’s episode, CSWTC Episode 4: That’s The Way The Cookie Crumb-Bowls, brings Trumpkin back round to hosting duties. Emergency medicinal vodka available on request.
Round One: 
  1. Odd one out: Hail Mary Pass, Bombardier, Throw Team Mate. Clue is “Modifiers”.  Answer is HMP, as it’s the only one of the three that can’t be modified by any means.
  2. Odd one out: Ball and Chain, Chainsaw, Stab, Stakes. Clue is Progression. Answer is Ball and Chain, it’s the only secret weapon of the list that can generate SPPs.
  3. Odd one out: Wandering Apothecaries, Igor, Star Players, Bloodweiser Babes. Answer is Igor. You can only induce one Igor, rest are 0-2.
  4. Odd one out: Shadowing, Side Step, Pass Block, Prehensile Tail and Diving Tackle. Clue is Stupidity. Answer: Side Step, you can still use that if you go stupid, but you can’t use the rest.
  5. Odd one out: Dwarf Longbeards, Chaos Beastmen, Chaos Marauders, Pro Elf Linemen and Slann Linemen. Clue: Access. Answer: Slann, they’re the only linemen from the list that only have access to G, not G and something else. Alternative answer: Pact linemen are the only ones with Passing access.
Round Two:
  1. True or False: you can intentionally throw a ball into the crowd. It’s false!
  2. True or False: I can Pass Block three spaces with a Treeman. It’s True!
  3. True or False: A piece with Frenzy pushes the ball carrier onto the Touchdown for their first block. The touchdown is scored and it’s considered a TD. It’s true!
Bonus point: what about if the Frenzy piece has Strip Ball? Then the TD is not scored!
Matt  5
Dave 2
Mike  1
Nightwing wins!



Current wins:

Hung – I

Nightwing – I

Merrick – I

Trumpkin – II