Episode Forty-Seven: Bubbloody Bubbrilliant II (Episode Removed)


Tournaments! Games! We went to one and did some.

Also, listen to Twelfman slowly lose his sanity at the general technical shittiness!

Lastly, Nightwing is doing the quiz, so you know what that means…

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What could go wrong?

Episode Forty-Seven: Bubbloody Bubbrilliant II (Link Removed)

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CSWTC Episode 3: Bubbaloody Bubbarilliant

Bubba Bowl III! Bristol’s very own one-day tournament was last week, and all four of us attended. In this feature-length (read: rambling) episode, we talk in depth about the high (elves), the low (elves), and the in-betweens (elves?).

Find out who won the Highest Elf trophy, and how we all fared by taking the haughtiest of the pointy-ears in the third episode of our Chronicle of the South-West Tournament Championship.

And, of course, we round off with another titillating round of Bloodblusters!

Bonus: come check out our profiles!

CSWTC Episode 3: Bubbaloody Bubbarilliant

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