Episode Forty-Five: Post-Sevens/Pre-Welsh Discussion

There once was a hiatus… Then it was over. We’re back, baby!

We’re talking about the 7s tournament that Nightwing went to, then we’re delving into the Welsh Open, a wicked tournament that’s running this weekend.

Lastly, we’re getting a special guest in to run this week’s enormous BloodBlusters: LouLizCSC from the MML!

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What could go wrong?

Episorty-Five: Post-Sevens/Pre-Welsh Discussion

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CSWTC Episode 2: Powlen Gwaed Cymraeg

It’s our thirteenth episode! It’s also episode two of our Chronicle of the Soutth-West Tournament Championship! We reminisce about the Welsh Open that happened last week. We talk teams, matches, opponents, beer, all sorts. We also commend one of the Bristol lads for an unprecedented success story! But you’ll have to listen to find out what that is…

We’ll also talk about the new Tournament hosted by Games Workshop themselves at Warhammer World(!!).

Lastly, we end with another episode of Bloodblusters, this week hosted by Merrick! It’s… interesting to say the least. There’s drama, cheating, confrontation, jingling bells – To quote Bernard Black, “you’ll laugh, you’ll cry,  it’ll change your life.”

There may or may not be some questionable editing, erm, stylistic choices. You have been warned.

What could go wrong?

ABAO Episode 13: Powlen Gwaed Cymraeg

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